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This page provides news about upcoming and in-progress code changes related to Development Services.  

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Critical Areas Ordinance Update

Bellevue's critical areas ordinance is being updated to meet state Growth Management Act requirements. The amendments are narrow in scope, addressing changes in agency guidance or best available science, and are supported by the critical areas technical reports. 

Go to our Critical Areas Ordinance Update page for more information.

Quasi-Judicial Land Use Code Amendment

The City Council is interested in considering a quasi-judicial land use code amendment as a way to improve communication with residents.

Procedures in the Land Use Code currently allow appeals of Hearing Examiner actions to the City Council.  However, these appeals must rely on information presented to the Hearing Examiner, and the City Council may only overturn the action if the Hearing Examiner makes a mistake.

Learn more about the proposed quasi-judicial land use code amendment.

Shoreline Master Program Update

On June 1, 2017, Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) conditionally approved the City of Bellevue’s updated Shoreline Master Program. The approval letter along with supporting documentation are available on our Shoreline page.


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