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This page provides news about upcoming and in-progress code changes related to Development Services.  

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Critical Areas Ordinance Update

Bellevue's critical areas ordinance is being updated to meet state Growth Management Act requirements. The amendments are narrow in scope, addressing changes in agency guidance or best available science, and are supported by the critical areas technical reports. 

Go to our Critical Areas Ordinance Update page for more information.

Downtown Livability Initiative

On Oct. 16, the City Council adopted the Downtown Livability update and Downtown Livability legislative rezone, capping a four-year effort.

ORDINANCE NO. 6377 amending the Bellevue Land Use Code, Title 20 of the Bellevue City Code, to advance the Downtown Livability Initiative; repealing Part 20.25A LUC; and adding a new Part 20.25A LUC to add new Downtown definitions, departures, and tower requirements; and amending Downtown provisions regarding nonconformities, dimensions, the amenity incentive system, development standards and design guidelines.

ORDINANCE NO. 6378 amending the Bellevue Downtown Subarea and Ordinance Nos. 3013, 3014B, 3015B, 3016A, 3017, 3018, 3019 and 3020 for consistency with revisions to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, renaming certain districts in Downtown Bellevue, and revising the boundaries of certain districts in Downtown Bellevue for consistency with the revised Downtown Boundary; adding perimeter overlays and establishing an effective date.

Ordinance No. 6378 adopts a new land use map

Learn more about the Downtown Livability Initiative.

Extension of Interim Official Control Homeless Shelter Ordinance

Extension of Interim Official Control regarding the permit process required to establish a homeless shelter and identifying the Land Use Districts where a homeless shelter may be permitted

  • Location: Citywide
  • File Number: 17-118783 AD

Public Hearing

The Bellevue City Council will hold a public hearing during its 6:00 pm Extended Study Session meeting on Monday, January 22, 2018, in the City Council Chamber in Bellevue City Hall, 450 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, to consider an ordinance extending interim official control regarding the permit process required to establish a homeless shelter and identifying the Land Use Districts where a homeless shelter may be permitted; providing for severability; and establishing an effective date.

On August 7, 2017, the Bellevue City Council adopted Ordinance No. 6368, imposing an interim official zoning control to add clarity about how homeless shelters are permitted and where they can be located within the City. The ordinance was adopted for a period of six months to be in effect while the City develops permanent regulations related to the permitting and siting of homeless shelters. The City is continuing to work on preparing permanent regulations, and the purpose of the January 22 public hearing is to provide an opportunity to take written and oral comments regarding extending the interim regulations for an additional six-month period. The Growth Management Act, RCW 36.70A.390, authorizes cities to renew the interim official zoning control for one or more six-month periods if a public hearing is held and findings of fact are made prior to each renewal.


Any person may participate in the public hearing by submitting written comments to the City Council in care of Kyle Stannert, City Clerk, P.O. Box 90012, Bellevue, WA 98009, before the public hearing, or by submitting written comments or making oral comments to the City Council at the hearing. Written comments will also be accepted by mail to Carol Helland, Code and Policy Director, Development Services Department, City of Bellevue, P.O. Box 90012, Bellevue, Washington, 98009-9012 or by e-mail to Comments must be received by 5:00 p.m. on January 22, 2018. All written comments received by the City Clerk or Code and Policy Director will be transmitted to the City Council no later than the date of the public hearing.

Applicant Contact: Carol Helland, City of Bellevue Development Services Department, 425-452-2724

Questions relating to the public hearing process: Kyle Stannert, City Clerk, 425-452-6021

For More Information

Please visit Planning for the Eastside Men's Shelter where you can sign up to receive alerts about this project.

On-Street Parking Land Use Code Amendment

The proposed on-street parking land use code amendment reconciles conflicts between the on-street parking requirements in LUC 20.25D.140.E and the transportation Capital Investment Program project designs for NE Spring Boulevard.

There is a public hearing scheduled before the City Council, December 4, 2017 at 6 p.m. or after at Bellevue City Hall, 450 110th Ave NE, in the Council Conference Room (City Hall 1E-113).

For more information, please see:

Quasi-Judicial Land Use Code Amendment

The City Council is interested in considering a quasi-judicial land use code amendment as a way to improve communication with residents.

Procedures in the Land Use Code currently allow appeals of Hearing Examiner actions to the City Council.  However, these appeals must rely on information presented to the Hearing Examiner, and the City Council may only overturn the action if the Hearing Examiner makes a mistake.

Learn more about the proposed quasi-judicial land use code amendment.

Safe Injection Sites

ORDINANCE NO. 6376 amending the Bellevue Land Use Code, Title 20 of the Bellevue City Code, to impose a prohibition on community health engagement locations, safe injection sites, and other uses or activities designed to provide a location for individuals to consume illicit drugs intravenously or by other means; adding Section 20.10.410 LUC to prohibit safe injection sites citywide; providing for severability; and establishing an effective date.

Shoreline Master Program Update

On June 1, 2017, Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) conditionally approved the City of Bellevue’s updated Shoreline Master Program. The approval letter along with supporting documentation are available on our Shoreline page.


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