Permits and Inspections

In Development Services, we review and inspect development projects in Bellevue and the surrounding fire and utilities service areas.

For information about other permits issued by other departments, see: parks, residential parking, business permit or license and special events.

New to permitting in Bellevue?

Check out these resources to learn more about us and our permit services:

Permits and Forms

Visit our Permits and Forms page to find information about the permits we review and inspect:

Online Permitting Services at

Why are permits and inspections important?

First and foremost, it’s a health and safety issue. Permit review allows code experts to reduce potential hazards from unsafe or unlawful construction. Mandatory inspections act as a system of checks and balances focused on complying with city codes.

It’s also a money issue—on several fronts. Proper permitting helps protect property values. More and more, property insurers aren’t covering damages caused by work done without permits and inspections. Disclosure of any improvements or repairs is required at sale whether permits and inspection were obtained. Many financial institutions won’t finance a purchase without proof of a final inspection. Without a permit, work may be subject to removal or other costly remedies.


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