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This page provides information regarding permit process news and updates. Examples of updates posted on this page include new services or changes to existing processes.  

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Feedback Wanted for Permit Status Site Redesign

The permit status site is being redesigned. The permit status site is where you can find permit information (like project name, description, contacts, status) as well as permit history for an address.

If you use our permit status site, then please consider taking this short survey. We value your feedback and suggestions. Thank you!

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Online Applications for Land Use Permits

Online Applications for Land Use Permits

Effective Jan. 23, 2017, you can no longer apply for the following land use permits online through My Building Permit; you must submit paper plans and apply in person at City Hall.

Permit Name—Type

  1. Administrative Conditional Use—LA
  2. Clearing & Grading in Critical Areas – GJ
  3. Conditional Use – Shoreline Management—WA
  4. Conditional Use—LB
  5. Critical Areas—LO
  6. Design Review—LD
  7. Final Short Plat—LF
  8. Home Occupation—LH
  9. Land Use Approval Amendment—LI
  10. Master Development Plan—LP
  11. Planned Unit Development—LK
  12. Preliminary Plat—LL
  13. Preliminary SEPA Review—LM
  14. Preliminary Short Plat—LN
  15. Shoreline Exemption with SEPA – WE
  16. Substantial Development with SEPA—WG
  17. Variance—LS

This temporary change is to allow staff time to streamline and improve processes. We do not have a date for when these land use permits will be available online through My Building Permit.

For permit submittal and fee questions, contact Permit Processing:

For code questions, contact Land Use:

Permit Fees Increase Jan. 1, 2017

The following changes to Development Services permit fees are effective January 1, 2017 and reflect the:

  • Results of the Cost of Service Study (COSS) performed for Land Use, Fire, Transportation, and Utilities hourly rates
  • Updated building valuation data (BVD) table published by the International Code Council (ICC) to reflect the change in construction valuation from August 2015 to July 2016 with the Washington State modifier of 1.14 from July 2016
  • 2.0% adjustment to building review and inspection fees by Consumer Price Index-W

2017 Hourly Review and Inspection Rates

  • Land Use review: $167 (3.1% increase)
  • Transportation review & inspection: $175 (3.6% increase)
  • Fire review & inspection: $153 (3.4% increase)
  • Utilities review & inspection: $147 (4.3% increase)

School Impact Fees

  • Issaquah School District are established as follows:
    • Impact fees per single-family dwelling unit: $ 7,921
    • Impact fees per multifamily dwelling unit: $ 2,386
  • Renton School District are established as follows:
    • Impact fees per single-family dwelling unit: $ 6,432
    • Impact fees per multifamily dwelling unit: $ 1,448

Transportation Impact Fees

  • Price per single-family dwelling unit: $4,844

Other fees:

A stormwater permit will be combined with a single-family residential building permit.

More information:

See Ordinance No. 6263 as reviewed and approved by City Council on 12/5, and 11/14 (School District).

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2016 Customer Survey Results Are In!

Customer Survey Results Are In!

In 2016, we asked you how we are doing to deliver our services. The results of that survey are in! By providing your feedback, we are able to identify areas where things are going well and where we need to improve. 

View the survey results.

We greatly appreciate the time you took to provide feedback and will use the survey results to improve our services to you. We will publish future updates about our progress on this page.

Maximum Plan Set Page Size

Maximum Plan Set Page Size

Effective Jan. 1, 2014, the maximum plan set page size for paper and electronic submittals will be 24" x 36".  

You may request a waiver to allow a larger page size if the plan view dimensions of your project exceed 140’ x 200’ (this includes new buildings, additions, and tenant improvements).

The dimensions in the schedule below may be used as a guideline to determine which paper size is appropriate for your project. If you need a page size larger than 24” x 36” and would like to request a waiver of this requirement, ask to meet with the plans examiner at the Building Desk in the Development Services Center prior to submitting your application.

maximum plan size examples


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