Zoning and Land Use

Bellevue's Comprehensive Plan establishes goals and polices for land uses in Bellevue. Based on the Comprehensive Plan, Bellevue's land use regulations govern the location of uses and improvement of land. 

Bellevue is divided into land use districts, also called zones, established to geographically distribute land uses across the city. Zoning and land use regulation is conceived to allow:

  • Harmonious groupings of uses possessing compatible characteristics and levels of activity
  • An efficient and compatible relationship of land uses and land use districts
  • Planning for public services, systems and facilities

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About the Land Use Division

We ensure conformance with the Comprehensive Plan and are responsible for applying the city's zoning and land use regulations to all land use and permit applications.  Zoning and land use regulations can include:

  • Allowed uses and improvements
  • Requirements on the location, size and coverage of structures and improvements
  • Design specifications for particular uses, improvements and types of development
  • Environmental protections     
  • Procedural requirements


Land Use PlanningFor Zoning & Land Use Code Information

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